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Georgia is a generous, hospitable land!

We, the team of the YULIKO wedding agency, will be happy to make your wedding in Georgia an unforgettable, bright holiday.

You will remember this holiday for many years!

Wedding is one of the most important events in life, because on this day you say words of love and loyalty, confirm with your signatures the desire to join your destiny with a person close to You. Do I need to say that everything should go perfectly on this day? We will be happy to help you, because in Georgia it is possible to marry citizens of any country in the world-quickly and without bureaucratic difficulties.

This happy day...

"Time for happiness –
A place for happiness –



Robert Green Ingersoll

wedding agency in Georgia.
Why are we chosen?


For us, the wedding day is as important an event as for our clients.
We feel full responsibility, we try not to miss a single moment in the organization and conduct of the holiday, we are ready to fulfill any wish. This is why customers become our good friends. And we're incredibly appreciative of their friendship and trust!

Your wedding coordinator

Юлия, свадебный координатор в Тбилиси

I'm glad to meet you!

My name is Julia, I am the head of "YULIKO" - a wedding agency in Tbilisi.

The team of our Agency will do everything to make Your wedding day a great holiday.

I am always ready to answer your questions and provide you with any assistance in the preparation and conduct of the wedding.

What does the wedding coordinator do?

Wedding coordinator - an employee of the wedding agency who deals with all issues of wedding preparation and supervises it on the day of the event.

The wedding coordinator knows all the "pitfalls" that you may encounter when preparing or conducting a wedding, and knows the right solutions. There are  many "pitfalls" when you duing an wedding in Georgia. Of course, you can organize your own wedding independently. But this is not very convenient to do remotely. It will be very disappointing if, for example, if the Wedding Hall do not accept you application to the registration because of incorrectly prepared documents. It is much safer to trust a specialist, because the wedding coordinator will save you time, take care of all the problems and solve them.

The wedding coordinator is engaged in the preparation and execution of documents, selection of contractors and sites. He prepares the script for the wedding, the wedding day timetable and the entertainment program. The wedding coordinator will suggest the appropriate style of wedding decor, develop the optimal schedule for the event, and help with the preparation of the menu for the festive feast. All this is done based on your wishes!

A good wedding coordinator is a professional in his field. He is aware of all new products, knows the places that are convenient for holding wedding events, has the necessary working contacts of wedding specialists (stylists, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, florists, decorators, musicians, etc.) and their prices.

Our service

Регистрация гражданского брака

Registering a marriage without a formal ceremony

1. Initial consultation
2. Preparation and submission of documents, provision of witnesses
3. Support for marriage registration
4. Legalizing marriage documents for your country



for a classic wedding

a solemn ceremony


Пакеты свадебных услуг в Грузии
Свадьба для двоих в Грузии

Wedding according

to an individual


Do you want a special wedding? In the mountains or on the sea coast? In the national style? In a snow glade in a mountain forest? In the gondola of a balloon over the Alazani valley? Write to us - we will make your dreams come true!

Wedding in a Church

We will be happy to help you in organizing the wedding sacrament in the Church. Depending on Your religious affiliation, in Tbilisi You will be able to get married in the temple of the Georgian Orthodox Church (in Georgian language), Russian Orthodox Church or a Catholic Church.

Венчание в Грузии
Калькулятор свадьбы

Calculate the cost of your wedding

It will be much more convenient if you can pre-estimate your wedding expenses and plan your budget correctly. With us it is not difficult at all!



Tell us what you would like to see, how many days You have at your disposal and how many people will be in Your group, and we will select options for you to travel around Georgia

Свадебное путешествие по Грузии

We are glad to meet you! Write to us!

Our contact

Mobile, WhatsApp, Viber



5, Meliton and Andria Blanchivadze, 0171, Tbilisi, Geogia